A8001 Hot Stamp Machine

The A8000-1 hot stamping machine features 4 tons of stamping power.

Key Product Features

Electrical System

  • PLC control system with color touch-screen operator interface.
  • Dual speed heat transfer indexer including stepper motor, motor control, and speed adjustment dial.
  • Photoelectric eye detection system with fine tune left-to-right and front-to-back image adjustment capability.
  • Dual opto-touch palm button press safety control with anti-tie down, anti-repeat, and pinch point interlocks.
  • Digital display solid state proportioning temperature control.
  • Pure dwell timing with proximity switch sensor.
  • 120 VAC input power requirement.

Pneumatic System

  • Pneumatic powered main press cylinder.
  • Fine tune penetration control on stamping cylinder.
  • Flow control to provide cylinder head speed adjustment capability.
  • Pneumatic regulator and gauge to control output pressure.
  • Pneumatic filter unit to purify incoming air.
  • Modify force output capacity by changing pneumatics only (range1 to 5 tons).

Heated Head And Web Feed System

  • 5" x 12" heated head with 5" x 10-1/4" imprint area.
  • Quick change dovetail plate to mount die/die block.
  • Four corner fine tune head leveling adjustment.
  • Head daylight adjustment of 0-16 inches with ram fully extended.
  • Quick change web payout and take-up systems.
  • 6-inch wide web feed capacity.

Equipment Structure

  • Sturdy hot rolled solid steel support frame.
  • Heavy duty precision machined steel ram with bronze vee gib guide system.
  • Metal components clear anodized, electroless nickel plated, orpainted as needed.
  • Floor model frame with locking casters.

Automated, high-speed and additional safety features available to customize equipment to your production needs.


Model A8001
Weight (lbs.)540
Height (H)
Maximum Part Clearance (C):
Ram Stroke0-3"
Work Table Size10"x16"
Heated Head Size
Force Output4 ton
Heated Head Wattage
5"x6" head
5"x12" head
1500 watts
2000 watts
Temperature0-600 degrees F
Timers.01-999 sec
Air Requirement (SCFM) on
6-sec Cycle
13 SCFM @ 100 PSI
Electrical Requirements
Voltage120 VAC
5"x6" head
5"x12" head
13 amps
17 amps
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