Hot Stamping, Foil Stamping & Heat Transfer Machines

Trekk manufactures a full line of customizeable hot stamping, foil stamping and heat transfer machines used extensively in the decoration of plastics and apparel. Hot stamping and foil stamping machines are used extensively in the decorating of consumer packaging, automotive parts, sporting goods, arrow shafts, hand & power tools and home appliances while heat transfer machines are used in the apparel industry to apply heat transfers/heat seals to a wide range of textiles.

Trekk machines combine speed, safety and repeatability to ensure high-quality finished products and garments. Innovative engineering, quality workmanship and attention to customer service have established our equipment as the industry standard for safety and production output.

Vertical Hot Stamping Machines for Plastic & Paper Products

As the most common method of hot stamping, vertical press technologies can decorate a variety of part sizes and materials easily and cost effectively. Trekk's line of vertical hot stamping machines range in size from 1 ton to 15 ton and can apply a variety of customized imprints using decorative foil and pre-printed multi-color heat transfer labels.

Vertical Heat Transfer Machines for Apparel

The Trekk HT300 equipment line has established itself as the premier heat-transfer and heat-seal equipment for apparel manufacturers worldwide. Heat-transfer and heat-seal equipment apply pre-printed labels to a variety of fabrics and garments using precise amounts of heat and pressure within specific dwell times. Equipment can accommodate heat transfer labels in both roll form and individually cut pieces.

Roll-On Hot Stamping Machines

Roll-on systems are ideal for applying foil and heat transfers to large surface areas, including flat, round and irregular-shaped objects. Foil and/or heat transfer labels are applied by silicone rollers delivering specified amounts of heat and pressure to your part.

Peripheral Hot Stamping Machines

Peripheral decorating is used to apply foil or heat transfer labels to the perimeter of a part. Parts can be banded or decorated to 360 degrees in one machine cycle. Your part shape, size and desired production output determine the equipment system to best meet your needs. Peripheral equipment is appropriate for foil banding and/or applying heat transfer labels to the surface of regular- and irregular-shaped products.

Optional Features


With arguably the most experienced engineers within the hot-stamping industry, Trekk has decades of experience in manufacturing automation cells for assembly, parts handling, component testing and upgrades for existing systems.


Ensure worker safety without sacrificing productivity. Trekk machines can be outfitted with a variety of safety features.

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