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The BMR roll-on hot stamping machine is a very flexible machine that can apply heat transfer labels and foil to a wide variety of parts.

Hot Foil Stamping BMR

Key Product Features

Electrical System

  • PLC control system and color touch screen operator interface unit with resident help menus and digital photo library.
  • Hi-accuracy,dual-speed multi-color heat transfer web advance system including motor, motor control, and photoelectric eye.
  • Opto-touch palm button cycle initiation.
  • Digital display proportioning temperature control.
  • Stamp roller overheat protection via shaft motion detection.
  • Operator side, front access safety light curtain.
  • Electrically interlocked safety guarding.
  • Hi-speed motor-driven horizontal stamp roller carriage motion.

Pneumatic System

  • Pneumatic stamp roller cylinder.
  • Flow controls to provide cylinder speed adjustment capability.
  • Panel mounted pneumatic regulators & gauges to control output pressures.
  • Pneumatic filter unit to purify incoming air (recommended 100-PSI input pressure to equipment).
  • Individually powered web payout and take up stripper units.

Web Feed System

  • Quick change web payout system (no tools required for web roll change).
  • Quick change web waste rewind system.
  • Fine tune photoeye adjustment for horizontal (left-to-right) heat transfer image placement.

Equipment Structure

  • Steel tubing equipment base frame with castors or leveling pads.
  • Metal components clear anodized, electroless nickel plated, or painted as needed.
  • Safety guarding constructed of aluminum extrusion framework and Lexan cover panels.

Equipment and tooling subject to change pending review of project specifications and sample parts. Automated, high-speed and additional safety features available to customize equipment to your production needs.

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