Hot Foil Stamping Machines for Closures

capsCustomer: Fortune-50 Consumer Products Manufacturer

Production Need: High-speed automated foil-banding equipment capable of decorating more than 25 shapes and sizes of closures for consumer packaging.

Trekk Delivered:

  • Decorating equipment capable of foil banding 6,000 parts per hour in each production line.
  • Real-time vision system inspection.
  • In-line auto counting and boxing of decorated product.
  • Engineered for maximum throughput efficiency to accommodate changes of consumable items and day-to-day maintenance.
  • Equipment designed to accommodate specific plant layout and production flow-through.
  • Decorating and automated operations ran 24/7 over a two-year production span.
  • Cells delivered to customer in production-ready condition.
  • Multiple production lines produced to accommodate output of a significant number of pieces per hour.
  • More than 1.3 billion parts decorated without a single lot rejection for decoration defects.


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